What People Are Saying...

"Amazing Wedding Photography Team! Katie and Jenn

went above and beyond on our wedding day to make

us feel comfortable and ensure we were able to make

it to many of the spots that we had wanted for

pictures. They're able to work with each others

strengths for a seamless, professional experience

and stunning photographs. If you chose them to be

your photographers you will not be disappointed!"

                                                                   - Jen Kennymore

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

"I had the best time working with Katie and Jenn.

Both were so kind and welcoming. They put so

much thought and work into the shoot. I was so

happy to see the final photos and I definitely

recommend them." 

                                                              -Ashley Olson 

"Katie and Jenn are AMAZING! They made us feel so comfortable while planning the wedding, and on the day of! Katie and Jenn took what I wanted (poses, back drops etc) and made it happen, and some greats shots they already had lined up. They took posed shots and candid! (Which really are awesome) During our reception, they took some of my FAVORITE shots of my friends and family. During your wedding, it’s hard to remember everything (you kind of “black out” because there's so much going on). But after looking at Katie and Jenn's photos, I can relive the most important day of my life and see how much fun all the guests, myself, and my husband had! I can’t recommend Katie and Jenn Weddings enough. YOU WON’T be disappointed!!" 

-Mary Bentley 

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

"Katie and Jenn did a great job with our wedding photos. They were easy to work with, professional, and fun!! We loved how our pictures turned out. Thank you so much!"                                                                     

                                                         -Mikaila and Scott                                                           

"We couldn't have asked for a more real and genuine photographer. Jenn in a very effortless and genuine way captured our engagement perfectly. She simply made it easy by shooting us in our natural environment that allowed us to be us. Thank you for memorializing such a special time in our life."

                                         -Lindsay and Sam

Untitled photo

Untitled photo

"Our wedding day was such a breeze!! All I had to do was show up and everything was taken care of. There was a detailed schedule for the wedding day that coordinated pictures, ceremony, reception and the DJ, executed it flawlessly. Our family is huge and there were lots of friend there too, but everything was corralled like it was nothing and got all of the pictures we decided on during our initial consult. Katie is also so much fun and made all of the guests and bridal party feel at ease!! I've been to weddings where you feel like you are taking pictures for hours, but honestly it was so efficient that it was totally painless. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and we even got a book with our photos displayed so we can remember our special day and everyone who came out to celebrate forever!! Thank you!!"  

- Jill and Art 

"So I got my INCREDIBLE wedding pics!! I have cried, then laughed, then cried, then smiled, then cried again...so many PERFECT shots of our day and everyone that joined us -family and friends. Prepare yourself for some awesome pics! I give her the highest recommendation for a photo shoot-wedding.” Thank you!" 

                                           - Kristine and Greg

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